Quality Products. Friendly Service. Affordable Prices.

Quality Products. Friendly Service.
Affordable Prices.

About Us

Ranch Farmers Market is your local grocery store and meat market, specializing in butcher shop services. We've been the owners and operators of the location for almost two years. We took this road for our lives because we were open to the challenge.

We are locals of the area, and didn't like to see the condition of our neighborhood market as it declined. We wanted to help it to become a market that the community could take pride in. Thanks to the support from our customers and fellow community residents, we are happy and humbled to see that our efforts have shown results.

Ranch Farmers Market is family-owned, and our family believes in giving back to the community. We work hard to offer quality products at extremely competitive prices, and we do top it all up with friendly and personalized service.

We're the only place in town that cuts all their meat in-house. The quality of our meat and our produce, as well as the pricing, differs us from the run-in-the-mill farmers’ market. We are the best source of fresh meat and produce in Alpine, CA. Visit us today!

Ranch Farmers Market